For freedom, sovereignty, spirituality, and self-defense

My Natural Law Guide

This is a condensed hand-out that I made for educating people on natural law. Lots of Mark Passio's most important information and concepts as well as my own discoveries, examples, and wording.

My Anarchy Videocast

Hear me tell you about spirituality, natural law, truth, ad what is going on from my perspective. Updates on my life, how things are looking in the Midwest United States, and my efforts to manifest a sovereign, free-thinking, new society in the Ozarks.  

My Older Content

My Podcasting history goes back to 2017. My Older content is found at LBRY under the channel name Nathan's Freedom Zone


Mark Passio's - What on Earth is Happening

The most relevant and comprehensive modern teacher of natural law, philosophy, and occultism. Very important for understanding the world correctly. Anarchist podcaster, truth-teller, de-occultist, freedom-warrior. A true war hero.

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One Great Work Network

Mark Passio Spawned his own Truth-teller TV Network. A collaboration of so many amazing truth-tellers. All in one place! Government doesn't stand a chance. 

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Jeff Berwick

Jeff is one of my favorite modern anarchists. Organizer of the Anarchapulco conferences, former host of the Anarchast, current host of The Dollar Vigilante Podcast. He does the work and does it well.

End Evil Podcast

Great truth-telling de-occultist podcast that I have been featured on.

The Road to Freedom by Mattrick

Excellent Essay about manifesting a free world with the Univium, Bivium, Trivium, Quadrivium, Pentivium, and Hexivium

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