Lose the fear of death to gain life

Government mind-controls people through fear, broadcasting 24-7 on the idiot-brainwashing-bullshit-box. To get over your primal fears of death, torture, disease, pain, and all other human problems, lots of thinking, meditation, contemplation, and visualization is necessary. Plant medicines can help to a degree. It ultimately comes down to a matter of choice. Do you allow fear to enter your consciousness, and if so, to what degree? I personally give myself permission to not have any fear, because I see that it paralyzes people, puts their mind in a cage, and prevents right action. I am very honest with myself about the possibility of death, its nature, as well as the possibility of eternal life.

If we were born here once, why would we not be born somewhere again after our body dies? There were many problems that I encountered in this reality, starting with hospital birth and genital mutilation in the form of circumcision. There is a positive-side of death, it can lead to rebirth in a brand-new body. Maybe next time around, I will have an intact penis. Maybe a lot of things will be better next time around. Maybe government and the school system won't destroy my life from an early age next time around. I think that if we work towards those goals in this lifetime, we are likely to manifest them eventually, even if we have to "die" and come back in a new body to enjoy the product of our labors,

If you take this outlook on life and death, the fear of death ceases to exist inside you, especially if you consciously decide not to allow fear to rule you, or even to exist in you at all. Make that free-will choice and see how much looser, better, and more peaceful you feel. I am not afraid of death, do me a favor, I could use a new penis. At the same time, I am not careless with my current life. I have made it very far in this lifetime in terms of physical, mental, and spiritual development. I think that I am in a unique position to take right action to help fix things in the world but promoting what is good and removing what is evil. By educating myself and others, and by building the new freedom-based abundant future that I will enjoy in this lifetime and beyond.

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