Justice and the Armed Militia: It's Time for Self-Defense

Updated: Jan 7

There are a lot of people in reality who must be called out immediately on their bullshit. It is getting to the point where words are no longer the answer because they are not listening. You can shout words at a psychopath all day telling them they are wrong and must stop. But at the end of the day, some people only listen to self-defensive force. I think the time has come to implement armed rebellion against the controllers, and their mind-controlled goons.

Many people are naive to how psychopathic some people in society are, they are also naive to the true energy behind the police and military. This is where people go to dominate, abuse, and murder other people. The bullshit has to be called out now in a massive way, and people must also start implementing physical changes in reality to bring these people out of power. They must no longer be allowed to continue “doing their jobs” which cost us our freedom, lives, money, time, and resources. People need to get their pitchforks and guns out and carry them with them at all times, ready to strike down these house slaves and send them a message both in words and actions.

The message in words must be loud and clear and broadcast using all available platforms and technologies. Books, pamphlets, church sermons, bullhorns, websites, podcasts, articles, and spoken word. These words of warning and truth should be spoken directly to the police, judges, military, and politicians faces, as well as to their supporters, family members, and other indoctrinated cult members in the public.

The time as come to put down these vampires and take our freedom, they have no right to do what they are doing and never have. If we do not step up and implement actual solutions, including righteous self-defense, we run the risk of allowing these people to implement more and more dangerous and brutal forms of slavery, including technocracy.

These people will back down when they see how serious and uncompromising the truth tellers are. More people need to take this message very seriously and implement it immediately if we are to ever see a world of freedom. Too many people have been wallowing in cowardice, vices, ignorance, and self-pity for too long. It is time for the beast of the American public and patriots to finally awaken and hear the call to action. These cowards will annihilate us all if we let them. Do not be afraid of them, they are only human and have no extra rights or abilities that the rest of us do not have. They have in fact been acting wrongly for hundreds of years now and it is time for them to face the karmic consequence of their wrong action, which has built up for centuries. They cannot escape their karma, they must quit their jobs immediately and do something productive such as gardening or face more and more suffering which they have brought down on themselves. The universal process of forgiveness BEGINS when they stop their wrong-doings, move into right-livelihood and do something helpful or at least neutral with their lives and time.

There are lots and lots of people who have been brainwashed into supporting and sympathizing with these criminals, and these people are in a smaller way engaging in criminality and complicit in evil just by verbally and energetically supporting these people. There should be no mercy for these average brainwashed Joes as well until they change their minds and actions and stop supporting evil through words and religious thinking. When people start spouting government programming like verbal diarrhea or word vomit, they should be met with truthful words spoken in confident and possibly angry tones to give them a clear message that they are on the wrong side of truth and the wrong side of history. Social alienation is another effective strategy for dealing with people who refuse to give up their Stockholm syndrome. By socially alienating from these stubborn assholes, you stop supporting them in their delusion, and allow the inevitable consequence of their evil thinking to fall down on them in the form of a brutal police state, technocratic control grid, as well as all of the bad health that the world-controllers are tricking them into manifesting through their public “health” programs like vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

The rest of us can work to build systems of support such as gardens and greenhouses, wells, and housing, so that we are not dependent on these psychopaths' energy systems like power grids and oil. It is a big job, but it must be done if we are to survive. Another way we can protect ourselves from military, police, and their supporters is to build up a well-regulated militia in our communities, where every individual has the basic knowledge and tool sets to defend themselves and their community from the enemy. This means guns, ammo, martial arts training, physical conditioning, knowledge, and spiritual wisdom such as natural law. Knowledge of natural moral law is the ultimate form of protection, because it allows you to accurately identify who are the good guys and the bad guys, and what makes a person good or bad. This gives you the power to call out these bad apples and confidently back up your claims that they are evil with self-defensive force. This knowledge is the only thing that allows people to get out of an abusive relationship, whether that be with a partner or significant other, or with government and an entire society of poisoned, confused, self-hating, toxic satanists.

Take this message seriously and choose good for yourself and your community, these globalist vampires have a taste for blood and many of their enforcer class do to, and you must be prepared to do what is necessary to put down that threat. The more numbers we have the stronger we will be and the better our chances of survival against this evil. Choose only to network and support people who are at least open to hearing a message of natural law, and especially those who teach natural law and actually are committed to implementing solutions, self-defense, and a new way of living in harmony with natural and morality.

Together in Truth we are strong.

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