Influence the Collective Consciousness to Manifest a Free World

The Hermetic law of mentalism states that all phenomena in reality are mental phenomena. Physical objects and realities are in nature some form of condensed mental energy, perhaps thought up by the God-mind. As humans, we can co-create using this same mental power, albeit on a microcosmic scale. The more humans that think and envision the same thing, the more likely that that thing will concentrate into a reality.

For example, I would like to create a world of free, attractive vegans. And by free, I mean, not enslaved. In order to create this world, multiple co-creators are required, as I don't envision myself being alone in this creation. Currently, the world is largely not free, not attractive, and not vegan, especially in America. Going from this current concentrated reality into something significantly different, like the hot vegan paradise, will take a lot of concentrated thought from a lot of people held consistently over the coarse of a long time.

But really, what else is there to do in this reality? Whatever one wishes, I suppose. Some people want slavery and control of others (the ruling class), some people don't really care about freedom of choice or the quality of their lives (the sheeple), and some of us want to be free, happy, vegan and attractive (me and co-creators). Luckily, on earth there is enough room for a wide variety of experiences, realities, and thought forms to manifest a lot different things on earth. However, the dominant thought form will set the tone for the world to experience. In this reality, statism seems to be more dominant than conscious anarchy.

The more of a single thought form that is given mental energy by human co-creators, the more of that thought form concentrates into manifested reality. As far as anarchy, truth, love and freedom are concerned, I would like to see maximum polarization towards that thought-form, meaning as much people consciously understanding anarchist philosophy and choosing to live that way as possible, preferably everyone in reality. This is the only path to get into the more heavenly realities.

Since we are so far away from a perfect, anarchist world, many psychological reflections and thought forms enter the mind in response to seeing the imperfection all around us. I spend a lot of mental energy visualizing myself already living in the ideal world, but also analyzing the current situation and trying to figure out what I should be doing to work in that direction. I consciously choose for the answers to come to me at the right time, and right now, writing this blog post is one of those answers. The spells cast in this post are of high enough quality and caliber to shift consciousness in the direction of anarchy, however, what will get the job done faster is for much more people to join in on the anarchist spell-casting. Mark Passio got this idea of mass-spell casting our way into a better world, and it really works, but it is dependent on the quality of the spells as well as the amount of casters.

Mark Passio has spent the last 15 years of his life casting these quality anarchist spells, and here I am repeating them, in full understanding of their power. "The Truth will set you free", as Jesus said, it just must be spoken into existence, so that others can take it into themselves, and act rightly in accordance with Natural Law. Those of us who chose to grow up and take some responsibility for reality have all of these mass-publishing tools at our disposal, making it easier than ever to mass spell cast. However, the will must be exerted to take these tools and regularly use them for good. Whichever group of thought-form-thinkers uses their will most effectively to put their chosen thought forms into the collective consciousness will end up being the dominant influencers and controllers of reality. In the past, this group has been the mainstream media and their owners. What I encourage you to do is to be a part of the new media, so that we can see dramatic improvements in reality without having to wait multiple life-times.

In the mean-time, I will be working on my own little microcosm, slowly influencing those around me, identifying and networking with local and remote hot-vegan-anarchists and sympathizers, as well as slowly learning the skills necessary to build the world that we aim for, skills like gardening, juicing, being hot, exercising, spell casting, reading, writing, music, and every other relevant and necessary skill like home-building that will create that hot-vegan-anarchist paradise that I want to see.

Until then, there are only two mistakes on the path to truth, not starting and not going all the way. See you there.

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