How to prepare for a successful war with government - Part 4: Get to high ground

There are many potential dangers in large cities. This is due to the consciousness level of people who dwell in these areas. 5G is one of the new health risks associated with these areas. As I have developed, I have become more and more sensitive to the toxic energies associated with electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation. There are countless other health risks in these areas, flouride, gang-wars (police vs "citizens"), car accidents, car exhaust fumes... too many to count. As someone who cares about myself and the future of humanity, I value a clean, healthy environment, full of abundant natural wildlife. In my neighboring city of Springfield, MO, I recently watched an entire city block's worth of trees be needlessly cut down because, "The property won't sell with trees on it". People's values are totally backwards and screwed up. Watching all of this up close and personal from the time I was a youngster is something that took 5 years of hardcore plant-medicine psychedelic shadow-work to become emotionally okay with. And I am not talking about "I'm okay with what they are doing to the environment and each other." I mean, "For most of my time, I feel genuinely happy, and not emotionally depressed, hopeless, vehemently angry, and disturbed." Indeed, I am lucky to have such an abundance of peyote, acid, cannabis, mushrooms, and plant-based DMT ayahuasca medicines available.

Taking these medicines is admittedly not easy work, just the tastes alone are quite "medicinal". One really has to be dedicated to healing and feeling good to even survive modern society. Sadly, most people in these cities are in a desperate state of coping rather than thriving. These are the people who most need our help, but in my experience, most of them are so hopelessly damaged, and there are such an overwhelming hoard of them, (hundreds of thousands in my area), that the dangers of putting up with how they have set up society, compared to the benefits of reaching these people personally by word of mouth, seem to put me in a state of stress and unease, especially when I was living among and surrounded by these zombified hoards.

I luckily made it off the city plantation, and am now a member of the country plantation; admittedly, I am not fully off the plantation yet, hence the need to continue this work. However, when I got out of the prison-work camp city vibe, I immediately noticed very palpable energetic changes to my entire body-mind-spirit-action complex. For one thing, the country air seemed to heal my lungs by comparison to the city air, which was only a 30 minute drive away. I also noticed a very palpable increase in my work and focus efficiency, which translated to a general upgrade to everything I do and am a part of. I also noticed a specific boost in my "freedom". Indeed, the quiet natural setting has lended itself nicely to my continued plant-medicine healing, thinking, focus, and peace-of-mind, allowing me to do this type of work with better feeling energy more efficiently, with less distraction. The only downside so far has been internet connection. I currently have 2MB download DSL with 0.5 MB Upload, making it difficult to upload video to multiple platforms. However, I still spend a lot of time in the city, so I just use other people's wifi to do a lot of my uploading. No excuses and good enough for now, I may try out the sky-link internet when that becomes available soon.

Moving out of a city is a very personal choice, so for some it may not be an option. Mark Passio, my main natural law teacher, seems to be 100% determined to tough it out in the city and committed to the attempt to change the minds of people around him. I think that is a great intention and I wish him well, maybe he can prevent Philadelphia from evolving into a Death Star that attacks us country-dwellers with space lasers. Other people remain in the city for other reasons, attachments to relatives, economic financial difficulties, lack of a social network to assist in a move and find a safe space with appropriate resources. For me, I got lucky and still had family who cared enough to help me get off the plantation. Thanks Mom and Dad!

My experience living in the city proved to be hopeless as far as doing the Great Work in person face-to-face was concerned. I just wasn't being exposed to enough people, and the people I was exposed to were not taking the information I was giving seriously enough to begin teaching it themselves, so I found the whole situation to be dangerous and stressful. One very telling fact is that the amount of trauma people are under constantly acting like corporate robots makes them not even able to look each other in the eyes and have a meaningful conversation with almost anyone. Everyone seems to exist in a sea of isolated strangers. The amount of de-programming it takes to wake up one calcified zombie can amount to 10 years or more, depending on how receptive they are to your de-programming efforts, and what other influences are working on them (mainstream media). When you are surrounded by 150,000 of them or more, it just seems hopelessly futile to expect them all to wake up from your efforts face-to-face in person. This is why it is especially important to use online tools like podcasting and blogging (take my example) to attempt to wake these people up. That way, you can cast your enlightening spells in mass to people who are actually interested in what you have to say. Start small and work your way up to a Mark Passio or David Icke sized audience and beyond. Many hands make light work and we need your help.

The ultimate example of spiritual high-ground would be to be surrounded by hoards and hoards of enlightened Jesus-level masters. Magicians, sages, inventors, philosophers, artists all on the same page about Natural Law and the difference between right and wrong, and all consciously choosing right action over wrong. If you don't feel like you are there yet (I'm not), and you would like to be, start by visualizing yourself already living in a society surrounded by the most loving and intelligent people, all caring for each other and being responsible and happy. Feel yourself enjoying the loving embrace of this enlightened, clean freedom-based society. And give yourself permission to head in that direction, giving yourself permission to take all the necessary steps like teaching others with no resistance and with a joyful satisfaction of an adult who takes responsibility and is rewarded by all the abundance that a balanced, harmonious life has to offer. This easy-way-out is always available to us collectively, we individuals all just have to choose it for ourself and we will get there faster than you would believe. I can't wait to see it, and together we can make it happen. You just have to do your part and I will do mine. Aho!

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