How to prepare for a successful war with government - Part 3: Attract and build a freedom cell

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Surviving the global downfall of modern society is not a one person job. In the long term, cooperation is going to be necessary. This starts today with you. Once you begin telling the truth about government's immorality and filtering out people who are too attached to that way of thinking, you will start to attract people who resonate with you and your message. At first, you may have to actually lose all your friends if you have only just begun speaking out against the criminality of government, but these people would not have been much help to you anyway, and it's better that you make room for new co-creators.

It is important to attract a tight group of friends that you are actually meeting up with in person. Efforts to organize and teach natural law on the internet can also feed into in-person meetings and collaborations, and give people a taste of how committed to freedom you are, making you an attractive potential collaborator. For organizing small groups of people working together for freedom from government and independence, also known as a "freedom cell", I highly recommend using the website, and check out my Southwest Missouri freedom cell on there, especially if you are in the area.

The process of building a tight freedom-based social network will happen naturally and easily if you let it, just give yourself permission for your freedom-cell to fall in place one step and one person at a time at the perfect time. Stressing over it and putting too much importance on it may make you look desperate and too serious, which could turn people off. It is important not to rush things like this, as really finding long-term collaborators may take a few years, or it could happen very quickly given the circumstance. Just consciously choose at the beginning of this process that it will happen in the perfect amount of time, whether that's tomorrow or in ten years.

As you are attracting your freedom-cell, it is important to make sure the people in your group are on the same page about what is happening in reality, who the enemy is (government, its supporters, and other psychopaths), natural law (AKA objective morality), and what a healthy reality would look like. Visualizing and feeling yourself already living in the reality you would like is a good way to orient your thoughts, intentions, and actions in that direction. For me, this ideal reality looks like a group of healthy, attractive anarchists living in balance with nature in an area with abundant natural resources, no enemies to worry about, and a healthy amount of technology that allows us to travel, farm, communicate, and provide for ourselves without stress. New spiritual powers such as levitation and telepathy may be more useful than traditional technologies. The sky is the limit with visualizations, so I encourage my co-creators to orient their thoughts in the direction that makes them happy in their heart, and consciously give themselves permission to manifest that reality quickly and easily, taking all the necessary actions along the way.

In the mean time, it is important for you and your collaborators to start working in the direction of where you would like to go. Be honest about the limitations and bad things about the current situation, and do what you can to mitigate them. Having a one to two year supply of grains and other foods is a good way to ensure that you aren't caught in traps set by the government and globalists. I suggest grains such as quinoa and amaranth, as well as dried beans and lentils as an insurance policy. Having a healthy supply of guns and ammo also couldn't hurt, as the enemy has plenty of them as well.

In the long term, I would like to get to a situation where there is zero reliance on government and banking systems which are fragile, temporary, and controlled by evil forces. The government and globalists use resources they control such as food, gas, and money as leverage to manipulate people with the intention of depopulating the earth of humans. This is one reason why it is important to work together in a group to support one another, so we are more resilient and have more resources than we would alone. The next article in this series will suggest re-locating to an area where independent or group homesteading is a possibility, so that farming and gardening can be practiced with the intention of eventually becoming food sovereign.

For some people, however, re-locating immediately might not be an option. If you are dwelling in a locked down city like Melbourne, Australia, it is especially important to have a group of collaborators to survive the current downfall of society. Police travel in gangs and like all bullies they are less likely to pick on a group of people their own size.

Another reason people may not be able to re-locate immediately is the price of buying land in the current fiat economy is completely outrageous by design. Renting is an option as is moving to an already-established community, but some may not want to move in with a group they know nothing about.

If you haven't picked up gardening as a hobby and a way to produce food for yourself and your friends, now is a good time. Planting food forests in both urban and rural environments is a good thing to do as well. Controlling food is one of the main ways governments kill people, so we need to become more food sovereign as individuals.

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