How to prepare for a successful war with government Part 2 - Filtering out government sympathizers

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Once you begin learning and speaking about the evils of government, you will notice people in your peer group and immediate area will react in a variety of ways. Some will horrifically react while others will be grateful for the encouragement and clarification. The important thing for you is to be consistent with your message and really live it. Make it a priority in the conversations that you start, especially with people who you are unsure where they stand on these important issues. There are many different types of people and personality configurations, some people are very resistant to truthful information, they seem to be choosing to indefinitely remain in a state of willful denial of what is happening, and appear to be totally closed off and even hostile to people who want to shake them out of their slumber.

These types of people must be dealt with at some point. The more good influences they have working directly on them, the more likely they are to change their mind. If these people do not respond well to you, it may be better to let them go their own way and work on other people who are more receptive and open, or do general online and on-paper mass-education publishing efforts.

Unfortunately due to differences in vibration and mindset, some people are incompatible living and working together. The relevant mindset here is that government supporters and especially order-followers are fundamentally incompatible with people who want to be free and have their rights respected. While these people may be worked on, there is also a free-will aspect working in their decision making process. Some of them may simply be choosing cowardice, evil, and domination. The more committed and devoted a person is to evil and ignorance, the more difficult it becomes for them to be a part of a healthy society. These people must at some point be let go of by the truth-teller. A good way to part ways with these types of people in your friend group is to never back down on telling your message and the truth. There are people who hate the truth, and speaking it to them is like insect-repellant, it creates a protective aura around you which repels vampires, cops, demons, and other negative entities. These people, when they encounter the truth, have three choices, they must either change their evil ways, to become in harmony with truth and a part of the solution, or they will run away from the truth, pretending and lying to themselves that it is not the case, clinging hard to their programming and lies. The third choice for these people is an attempt to kill the messenger, however, they can never kill the truth.

For these reasons, it is helpful to quickly assess where new people that you encounter are at by being honest with them about your priorities and cares, your way of being, knowledge, philosophy, and understanding. This quickly tells them what you are about and gives you information about how they are likely to respond to your way of life in the future. Sometimes hostile interactions can occur when the ignorant meet the truthful, but it is important to know that some of these people are not worth your time and energy, to identify them, and to even steel yourself against them, whether that means removing yourself from their presence, or even removing them from your property.

By continuing to speak the truth to people you know, you will simultaneously identify those who are open and willing to learn, as well as those who have already taken in this information and have similar goals and intentions to you. These are the people who you want to devote most of your energy and time to. Many hands make light work, and when it comes to the Great Work, many hands are required. There is strength in numbers, and when people see multiple people all in a group telling the same message, it strengthens the impact that truthful message can have on their consciousness.

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