How to prepare for a successful war with government. Part 1 - Thinking and Speaking

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Success always starts in the mind. The more numbers of people in a group with successful thinking, the higher the chances of success manifesting. When it comes to government, a successful game plan must first be adopted by a large mass of people. Preferably larger than the mass of people adopting the game plan and religious thinking of government. Start by examining the people in your area and see how many of them are influenced by the religion of government, verses the amount of people who are against it. If you are far outnumbered, you should focus on de-programming these cult members by spreading high-quality philosophical information that when taken in by the target audience, opens there eyes to the true, evil nature of government. Until you have reached a critical number of people in your area, the masses of people will not have any sympathy and will not be of much help and service to the goal of ending government by any means necessary. This step is most important and cannot be skipped. Government and its perverse distortions and manifestations originate in the minds of the people who serve it. Here and only here does the eternal solution lie. Until this critical mass of truly awakened people step up to the spiritual plate, you will have mass numbers of government zombie cult members and their sympathizers and supporters potentially against you.

The internet is the most important modern tool for getting good information into the minds of the people of earth. In your local area, however, you might find that word-of-mouth, and written word work wonders as well. Use both approaches. Sites like LBRY and Bitchute, as well as custom domain names such as this site, should be built with a powerful message of freedom, sovereignty, independence, and the dangerous state of the modern world. The presence of these new web resources make it far more likely that people globally and in your area will get the message. If no work is put into de-propagandizing people using word-of-mouth and publishing technologies like blogging, the people are less able to get their thinking in alignment to truth. The forces of mainstream media work 24-7 to instill the cult-government programming deeply into peoples minds, where they grow roots and eventually sprout as violent actions in the world that harm innocent people.

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