How to gain a tactical advantage over a cop during a roadside traffic stop.

Police are eternally the enemies of freedom. In America, they serve the state and insurance companies as highway "road-men" who routinely use violence against innocent people in the form of coercion to force people to pull off the highway at their command ("emergency" light signal). This makes all cops vermin and garbage gang members who are put other people's lives in danger needlessly and routinely. These coward-thugs often travel in packs and are the most dangerous people on the highway. Pulling over at their command puts your life in danger and puts you at their mercy. For this reason, people need to grow up and come up with a better way of dealing with these immoral-trash cowards.

I propose the following as a better way to handle the routine roadside armed robbery shakedown stickup. Rather than immediately pulling over and waiting for the badge-wearing thug to approach your vehicle, you should instead either ignore the emergency signal or pull over and immediately exit your vehicle before the armed gangster has a chance to exit his vehicle. This requires pre-meditation and pre-visualization as well as a plan to be prepared for if this were to happen. Having a plan ahead of time that you have thought out allows you to have all the necessary tools and confidence to execute your plan after these thugs have put your life in danger. Adrenaline and emotions can be high in a situation like this, and it is important to act quickly and have all the necessary tools at your disposal.

I suggest carrying at least a sidearm near your body, if not on your belt to successfully execute this alternative roadside confrontation and encounter. It is important to be equally as armed if not more armed than the officer (off-eye-seer) that you are up against. This quickly tells the storm-trooper that his life is in danger this time and that he has made a mistake and must either stand-down or possibly die in a gun-fight. Most officers are cowards and will not be expected such an overt display of masculinity and confidence from people they are used to terrorizing with no consequence.

Important note, this method should not be attempted unless you are fully okay with killing in self-defense and possibly dying. It is, however, unlikely that it will come to that, as most confrontations, even with evil storm troopers, are easily settled with words.

Ideally, you would want to have no drivers license plate visible to the cop on your car, as it makes it easier for them to find out where you live, and, by paying for driver's licenses and license plates, you are funding your own enslavement and enabling the perpetrators, plus it is a waste of money and time. I can't tell you how irritated and angry getting new licenses and insurance policies that I don't want has made me in the past. Forcing people to buy products at gunpoint is an example of corporate fascism and slavery. This should not be tolerated by anybody, and our ancestors should have chased these thug order-follower trash out of town centuries ago. However, they failed to secure our freedom and that means that we have now inherited a bad situation and must work to rectify it if we are going to be free. This would best be nipped in the bud in this generation, so our children and grand-children do not inherit something even worse.

Another good idea when attempting to travel freely is to have a battle rifle in the back of your car with plenty of reloads. Many people do not know this, but a person with a battle rifle is actually capable of taking out black-hawk helicopters in the sky. It's possible to do, although I haven't tried it. Having a side arm on your hip for the initial encounter is enough, but it doesn't have to be drawn or aimed at the enemy combatant. You can let him make the first move to draw his/her weapon if he is in fact ready for a gun-fight to the death.

It is also a good idea to have backup in the form of a partner or group of people riding both in your car and in other vehicles. Traveling in groups ensures that the police will be outnumbered and at a tactical disadvantage if they attempt to give you any shit. Just be clear with your travel companions that if one person gets pulled over, everyone pulls over and confronts the psychopath together. Of course, your partners should also be in unlicensed vehicles ideally. A good tactical position is to have one car in front of the cop, one behind him, and another on the other side of the street, so he is surrounded. Be sure to give the cop an obvious escape route, so that in the event that he panics, he does not try to ram through your cars, damaging property and possibly causing injury.

If you have a license plate on your vehicle, or are worried about the police and their partners tracking your location, this method becomes more dangerous, but can still be attempted successfully. Count on the cop cowering out and almost shitting his pants at the site of a person or group of people who have the confidence to say NO and mean it. Really, they are human and don't want to feel pain, and they may even re-think their career choice if people were to respond to them this way. Another good idea is to hand the cop information about natural law (download and print off my guide), so that after the encounter, they can make sense of what happened to them and be given a fair chance at understanding morality and getting their life and actions in harmony with objective morality. Many of these people have sadly been told that they are the good guys and that all of their violence and death-threats are justified for various reasons. My natural law guide should set them strait.

As far as partners go, I like the idea of having a co-creator riding shotgun, leaning out the window holding a carbine rifle or 9mm submachine gun to let the cops know that they are outgunned and should be very carful about their immediate decisions. Again, you don't necessarily need to point any guns at police while they are still in their cars as that may be overly threatening. Start the encounter off on the right foot by giving the cop the chance to talk his way out and retreat peacefully with his life. Walk up to the cop's window and ask him if he has any problems. Maybe he will tell you that you were speeding or forgot to use a turn signal or you don't have license plates or whatever, maybe he will be speechless. But if he does not escalate the violence any further than he already has by starting a violent encounter in the first place, you can give him the chance to carry on with his life, and possibly educate him on natural law. Ask him if he truly believes it is a good idea to be threatening people's lives like this over nothing. He will likely agree with you in that moment, and may be energetically disarmed enough to give you confidence that he won't follow you, call back up, or attempt to otherwise ruin your life if you leave peacefully and allow him to retreat as well.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and unfortunately, police have been chronically creating violence in our communities from the time of their inception. These people seriously need to be educated about natural law (see the resources section of this website) so that they do not create even more death and suffering for all of us to endure. They are building their own prison and locking themselves in it through their actions, and they cannot escape the fate they are dooming themselves to by doing such a violent and destructive job. Their supporters should also be confronted with the truth, so that together we can eliminated these ruthless gang members from our streets and feel confident that we can travel freely and safely.

Feel free to send this article and my natural law guide to police and their supporters to give them a fair warning of what may be coming their way. I feel very strongly about the violence and terrorism these thugs have caused me personally as well as everyone else in society. I have never gone to prison or committed any serious crimes, and I do not think it is fair or right that these ass-clown man-children constantly get away with murder, armed robbery, coercion, kidnapping, and holding people under duress. I have been personally victimized by this many times, and it is one of my most important messages to people. If I were to be killed by cops or to die for any other reason, I want to at least feel satisfied that I spoke the truth in the face of very serious evil, and that others may feel inspired and encouraged to speak a similar message of freedom and right vs. wrong in the face of a totally corrupt, criminal, 1984 style brutal gang of thugs calling themselves government. I do not think allowing fear to silence and control us will work in the long run. At some point these people must be confronted, and if they do not stand-down peacefully, violent self-defensive force is the only other option they have given us.

Please take this seriously and do not think that I am just being an internet hard-ass. I have thought about this alternative method of dealing with roadside traffic stops for many months, and I am personally sick of having the threat of violence looming over my shoulder at all times thanks to these sick psychos. I am also sick of using the dollar system and being forced to buy car insurance and deal with the DMV and court systems. It literally makes me physically sick at this point, and I consider it a threat on my life. I can not have kids until this problem has been fixed in my reality, as I do not want my kids to live under the threat of coercive force and possibly with no father, because my life was taken by order-following storm trooper trash. It is coming down to war in this country and these people are at the top of my hit list. I try to travel and live peacefully, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, but this group of people has proven over and over again that they have no understanding of or care for morality, and put their lives and paychecks over everyone else's. I have watched them kidnap innocent friends of mine over and over again for BS like possession of marijuana or psychedelics. These people are terrorist trash and they must change their ways or be eliminated from society.

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