10 Reasons Government Should Be Killed - Reason 1: Government Kills Innocent People

People embodying the various programs of Government are often guilty of very serious crimes. In fact, many of them are involved in socially accepted criminal conspiracies on a daily basis. Police, some of the worst government criminals, are routinely involved in coercion and armed robbery. Traffic stops, which these psychopaths have been conducting for the last 50 years at least, are gang violence against innocent people. Coercion is first used when the police turn on their emergency signal lights telling you that USE OF DEADLY FORCE will be used against you if you do not immediately comply with the dictate that you stop driving and pull to the side of the road. This coercive threat of VIOLENCE it a serious violation of natural law and demands the use of potentially lethal force be used against the attacker (the cop) to balance out the transgression. Indeed, there is no way to use mental gymnastics or attempt to fool yourself into changing reality into something which it is not. The programmed sheeple human very powerfully resists this information when you first bring it to them. They are suffering from unconscious stolkholm syndrome, and are too fearful to admit to themselves that they are in a dangerous situation and have been for their entire life. It is tempting for the brainwashed to force themselves to never think about topics like this, so that they don't have to get out of their comfort zone and accept an uncomfortable reality.

Nevertheless, the reality remains, and those of us who are awake to that reality are horrified that these psychopathic predators are allowed to openly prey on human individuals. The creepiness level is something that can be felt in the stomach and the bones. Indeed, people never are honest with themselves about this open display of criminality, domination and violence, that they get the glazed-over, zombified look in their eyes of someone who runs from the truth or drowns it out with distractions, drugs, masturbation, food addiction and other harmful habits.

These topics need to be thought through honestly if you ever want a chance of surviving the police state that we are currently in. The American police state is one of the most vicious in the world. Responsible for imprisoning millions of innocent people, the murder of countless numbers of our brothers and sisters, the rape and torture of innocent children, the general destruction of everything and every aspect of our quality of life.

When someone else has a gun constantly pointed at your head making demands with the threat of violence, it is important to resist or your quality of life is in an immoral person's hands. Indeed, physical resistance from the innocent is the energy that is lacking in the global police state equation. Over the generations people seem to have lost their ability to defend themselves from the cult of ultimate evil. Even in the United States, where the 2nd amendment specifically recommends using weaponry to defend freedom from tyrannical government, the people in the US have failed in securing their freedoms and way of life from those who hate us. It is long past time to use force against the American government. They are responsible for an endless list of crimes, and the amount of harm and torture that humanity collectively has to experience is daily being generated by the continued belief in and tolerance for this evil way of thinking and behavior pattern.

People who vote for government are voting for violence, coercion, and harm. People who work for government are often directly responsible for ruining lives. If humanity allows this to be tolerated, they will never be free and will eventually perish. Morality is the lesson that humanity needs to learn. Without the understanding of natural law, humans are blind to what is happening to them and how to have a better life. These parasites are praying on us like vampires on a farm animal. Its very sick and if it is not directly confronted, it will result in the death and collapse of billions of people. Perhaps this is what is needed to get humanity back into balance, a global period of instability, mass murder, collective suicide, depopulation, and finally a new start at evolution. Perhaps the survivors of this armagaeddon will learn from the mistakes of an entire civilization. Perhaps they will finally learn Natural Law and not to steal. Perhaps the downfall of society will be enough to snap some people out of their slumber. We are at the stage in America of a reduction of the population, as the old demographic dies off, there are not the same amount of young people replacing them. This adds up to a collective senility as people are chronically and in mass suffering from the inability to correctly perceive and understand reality. These senile old people are the ones who are still voting, watching the mainstream media, believing that the choice of president matters and not seeing their own chains and cages on the farm they live on and prison they live in. Government kills, and the longer a population supports it the more people have to die.

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